Friday, November 5, 2010

Weird Drabble

In honor of Nano month, I'm participating in a blogging chain with others in the Absolute Write Watercooler.  Each of us will include a short-short (drabble).  I developed one for when my turn comes, but also came up with the following.  Think of it as making fun of all those chosen one quest stories.  You can turn almost anything into one of those.

He prepared me to near perfection.  Brought resources and devoted his time.  Some would say I should have been grateful, but that wasn’t my way.  I waited for my time.  When it came, he sent me on my journey.  
It was difficult.  I felt torn apart as I descended into darkness.  The sounds of the world disappeared and I began my mission.  My strength flowed from me and into the darkness, re-energizing the life around me.  Then I felt myself transforming for the final part of my journey.
And when it was over and I left the darkness.  He flushed.

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