Tuesday, November 16, 2010

AW Blog Chain Drabble: Into the Light

For NaNoWriMo month, members of the Absolute Write Watercooler decided to put together drabbles as part of the monthly blog chain.  My drabble is below and all links in the chain will follow it.

Into the Light

A light pierced the darkness that had held him.  It was too bright, but he couldn’t turn away as it called to him.  Then came the voices, muffled at first, but slowly becoming clearer and louder.  He couldn’t understand what they were saying, but knew they were calling him.  That it was his time.

Despite the comfort he’d felt in his life, he knew that was over.  It was time to surrender himself to those guiding him into the next life.

“Congratulations Mrs. Sanders.  It’s a boy,” the doctor said as he placed the newborn baby in his mother’s arms.

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  1. I thought this was really clever. I was all prepared for him to walk into the light, into death, but you flipped it totally on its head. Well done! (Sorry about your background--the celestial theme was pretty cool.)

  2. This is very clever. Had me tricked that is for sure

    Good job

  3. Thank you both. I was hoping that readers would like the twist.

  4. ooh, well done. Great drabble!

  5. Thanks again. If anybody likes strange twists, you can check the first drabble I posted "Weird Drabble."

    Just a warning, I've been told it's pretty cr@ppy (and that was actually a compliment). I was in a weird mood when I wrote it.


  6. Nicely done. You had me going.

  7. Nice! I notice that people tend to touch on some big issues with their drabbles, at least in this bunch...and there's always a twist.

  8. Very interesting little piece of work.