Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Drabble

Just another drabble for fun.  Hope everybody has a Happy Thanksgiving

Mike:  It’s not fair.
Steve:  What?
Mike: Why do I have to be eaten?
Steve:  You’re a turkey and it’s Thanksgiving.  It sucks but what can you do?
Mike:  That’s all you have to say? 
Steve:  Turkeys are symbolic for Thanksgiving dinner.
Mike:  So?  Rabbits are symbolic for Easter and people don’t kill them to celebrate!
Steve:  That’s different.  The Easter bunny brings colorful eggs to children.
Mike:  You want eggs?  Turkeys are birds!  We can do eggs.
Steve:  Filled with chocolate and candies?
Mike:  Bite me, dog.
Steve [smiling]:  I will, after you’re stuffed and cooked, preferably deep fried.

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