Friday, April 29, 2011

Trying to Regroup and Recoup

How do you regroup and restart writing when faced with a loss of past work/edits?  I figure that one is to do the same thing I did when I finished my first novel draft - have some fun with a short story.  When I glanced at some of my recent blog stats, I noticed my post on the Star Trek fanfic contest had some recent hits. 

The good and bad of it is that I've got a couple of ideas for stories, but I'm not sure which to choose.  Contest rules limit to one story.

One idea follows the last Next Generation cast movie - Nemesis.  With the Romulans becoming friends, all of the Trek villains are now allies.  Starfleet wants to promote Picard to admiral and make him a figurehead in the Federation.  Some high ranks in Starfleet are worried that with all the known Trek villains now friends, that this will actually split the Federation.  Why?  You'll have to read it and find out.

The second story idea takes place about a year after the JJ Abrams Trek movie.  The Enterprise has spent lots of time touring the Federation with the crew being more like celebrities than Starfleet officers and explorers.  Kirk finds things becoming very routine and actually getting dull.  When a chance for action comes about, he jumps at the chance - too quickly and people die for the first time as a direct result of his orders.  How will he react?  Think about it.  His situation is really no different than a Navy Academy Senior going from the classroom directly to command of an aircraft carrier.  Is he truly ready to command?

So, which to write?  I think both have potential.  Obviously I think they do or I wouldn't consider them!  I'm open to input.  Which sounds more interesting?

Share your feedback and

Write On.

Rest In Peace William Campbell

Actor William Campbell died today.  Star Trek fans will remember Mr. Campbell as Trelane, The Squire of Gothos and (more importantly) as Captain Koloth from what many consider to be the best of the original series episodes, The Trouble With Tribbles.

I'm sure that true Klingon fans will stare into the eyes of death and howl a warning to the dead for one of the greatest Klingon warriors has joined them.

Rest In Peace Mr. Campbell and thank you.

Friday, April 22, 2011

It Was Inevitable But Came Quicker Than Expected

E-Books have outsold hardcover and paperbacks in every reading category in the US.  The sales were over 200% higher than just one year ago. 

Is this a fluke?  Doubt it.  It's been discussed for a while but many that I've spoken to thought it wouldn't happen for a few years.  However, keep in mind that e-readers ranked among the top gifts for last Christmas and e-book sales have been on the rise..

Not something big publishers are too fond of.  Especially now that small publishers and self-publishers are taking the fight to the big dogs regarding prices.  This leads to smaller margins.  To make things worse, I'm hearing more and more about e-book libraries coming.  Why is that worse?  Libraries are more likely to buy extra copies of the same book, not just for demand but, let's face it, people are harder on things they don't own.  Library books are more likely to get damaged and need replacing.  That wouldn't be an issue with e-books.  Best part for library patrons is, unless the library can only share a limited number, no waiting list.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Redundant Backup Is An Oxymoron

I've been procrastinating about this post because I'm embarrassed to admit this.  I've been in a major writing/blogging slump because a few months ago I hit the unlucky/stupid jackpot.  My computer had a virus and, while many files were saved, much of my writing was lost.  Fortunately, I had it all backed up on a USB flash drive - that got left in my pants pocket and washed - aka RUINED.

At first, I thought all was lost until I went to our old computer and did find a copy of my story.  The problem is it was about 1-2 years out of date.  So, I'm back to a raw draft - most of my edits lost and friends who've edited for me deleted their copies.  For now, I'll probably have to shelve this piece and, when I have time to write again, work on another project.  There are plenty of creative voices in my head.  I'm sure one of them has something entertaining to say.

Learn from my stupidity.  Don't just backup often, make a couple of backups to keep your work safe!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Commercials on Kindle! Is Nothing Sacred Anymore?

I've heard family and friends say that they'd be willing to pay a little more for DVDs and Blu Rays if it meant skipping ads and things like that.  This is a little like that.  A new Kindle is coming May 3 that costs $25 less, but the price is sitting through some "well-placed ads."  But Kindle/Amazon isn't using the term "ads."  They're calling it a "Kindle with special offers."

One difference I've heard with these ads is the ability to vote on the types of ads through their web site and the AdMash Kindle app.

I think I'll stick with my iPad e-reader.