Monday, November 15, 2010

Star Trek Drabble

I was in a Trekkie mood, so I tossed together this drabble - exactly 100 words.

“Are you two still arguing about that damned test?”  McCoy asked entering the conference room while Kirk and Spock spoke.
“I would hardly call it arguing, Doctor,” Spock replied in almost monotone.  “I was reminding the captain that the purpose of the Kobyashi Maru scenario to test a commander’s character in dealing with the fear involved in a no-win scenario.”
“Spock, you aren’t qualified for that.” McCoy countered.  “How can somebody  with the emotional capacity of a tricorder be qualified to design a test to evaluate a person’s fear?”
“Why thank you, Doctor.”
McCoy shook his head.  “I give up.”

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