Saturday, November 13, 2010

TrekTrax Writing and Klingon Weapons

The first annual TrekTrax, Star Trek Convention in Atlanta is over President's Day weekend.  For details, you can go to the web site at  I registered over a month ago.

Aside from the main TV/movie guests, including Tim Russ (Tuvok), Barbara March (Lursa), and Gwynyth Walsh (Be'tor), there are several Star Trek authors attending.  Even better is that one of them, Ms. Diana Botsford, will be running a writing workshop where she will provide a critique of a one-page summary submitted.  Well, I'm not waiting.  I put together a one-page synopsis of LEGACY SOLDIER:  HYBRIDS DEPLOYED and emailed it today. 

Aside from that, I'm talking to some local Klingons to see if I can borrow some Klingon weapons - Bat'leth and Mek'leth.  If I have enough time, I plan to try to adapt my Tae Kwon Do school's bo and sword forms to the Bat'leth and Mek'leth respectively.  Maybe I'll even try to put on a weapons demo.

If I do that, I've got about 3 months to borrow the weapons, practice, get a Klingon costume, and

Write On.


  1. I love checking out weapons. Especially since they are research for my book ideas. How do you use them in your writing?

  2. Rob - I met Diana earlier this year at TimeGate and I think you will really enjoy her. I went to a few of her panels and gleaned lots of good tips. - Patti Ward

  3. LM, As I've mentioned I use some of the weapons in my martial arts class. That's half the fun of the classes to me. As far as how I use weapons in writing, the main weapon I use in writing is a tonfa. In my draft novel, LEGACY SOLDIER: HYBRIDS DEPLOYED, I create a weapon with shooting and striking capabilities based on a martial arts weapon called the tonfa. For more details on that, you may want to read my first weapons post:

    I'd be curious about what types of weapons you're considering.

  4. Patti. I've got about 3 months until TrekTrax, but I already sent her the one-page submission. She immediately replies asking me to send a query letter also.
    If there's time, I have two extra questions to ask her. Currently LEGACY SOLDIER is set hundreds of years in our future, but I have another approach that would be set in present day Earth. The key differences is just the first 6 chapters. I wonder which is more marketable.
    The other is my other story idea, called TIA. It's basically urban sci-fi. Think of CSI with a sci-fi twist. I'd love to get her impression on that concept even though I'm still just in the early part of Chapter 2.