Monday, December 27, 2010

History vs. SyFy Channel Round 2

It's 10 am on the East Coast and I have one more week off before having to go back to my regular work routine next week.  So, I started doing some channel cruising.  Naturally, I checked the SyFy channel and what did I see?  They're running a marathon of Friday the 13th - the series.  Now, I'll give them a point or two here.  That is at least fantasy and my original posting on History vs SyFy, part of the basic argument was that SyFy had less sci-fi/fantasy and more of whatever garbage they could sell.  Unfortunately, that series was absolutely horrible.  At least in my opinion, and I don't think I was alone. After all, I don't think the series went past one season.

Now.  The History Channel is showing some good stuff, especially for those who like to question the tech of science fiction and fantasy stories.  Or, more importantly, those writing or trying to write fantasy and science fiction.  Yes, I'm back on my credible writing kick.  Well, History Channel is showing "Spider-Man Tech," then "Star Wars Tech," and then "Batman Tech."  I wonder if Jack Nicholson will be watching the last one so he really can find out more about Batman's marvelous toys.  Later today is scheduled a two-hour special on the Last Stand of the 300.  It chronicles the third day of the incredible stand of 300 Spartans vs the Persian army.  If you miss the three "tech" shows, fear not.  They're being re-broadcast after the special on the 300.

So, in round 2 SyFy is coming back with some type of sci-fi/fantasy broadcast, but I think that History Channel wins again with quality shows that are more likely to keep interest.  Now, I'm hoping to watch some of these History Channel specials, but I'm home with a 6-year old and I have to keep him entertained too.  Fortunately, he got some cool Spider-Man and Iron Man toys for Christmas, along with some good games.  I'm sure we'll have some fun with this.  Yes, I'm a big kid and think the Spidey/Iron Man vehicles are cool.  All guys do.  Ladies, here's a secret.  One reason men want to have sons is that it allows us to play with the toys too!

Anyway, these History Channel specials are pretty interesting and good for writers in progress to get some ideas to help with the credibility of their writing.  If I get to take advantage of some, I'll be happy.  Otherwise, I think I really need to look into a DVR.  So, tune in, set your DVR, and

Write On.

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  1. With Discovery Channel, SyFy and History Channel we writers have a wealth of both information and ideas. Try Dirty Jobs on Discovery Channel sometime for some very interesting occupations for some of your characters.