Wednesday, December 15, 2010

PIrates 4 Coming

Here's a trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean 4.  The movie is scheduled for release on May 20.  This time Captain Jack is looking for the fountain of youth and runs into Blackbeard. 

Downside:  No Keira Knightly or Orlando Bloom. 

Upside:  Penelope Cruz, , and zombies.   That reminds me of an article somebody sent me months ago.  It was a list of movies that would have been better with zombies.  We'll see if improve this movie!  I think it's more likely that the producers are trying to go to the well (or fountain in this case) one too many times.


  1. You sure the lack of Kiera Knightley and Orlando Bloom isn't an upside?

  2. Gotta say, Thank god they took out Orlando and Keira. Will and Liz got their ending, this is hopefully not gonna be milking a series for all its worth, I'm hoping it's better quality than that.

  3. The William/Elizabeth story could be dragged out for comedic purposes, though.

    Will returns to ordinary life after serving as captain of the Dutchman for 10 years (apparently if Elizabeth remained faithful for the whole time he would be freed, according to a deleted scene), but finds he owes a tremendous amount of child support for Will Jr.

    (Anachronistic, I know, but this is a comedy.)

    He has to find *some* way to pay off the enormous bill, returns to piracy, and encounters Jack Sparrow once more.