Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year Goals

Happy New Year.  Like many others, I'm setting a couple of goals for 2011.  And, of course, most are related to writing.

First, I want to complete edits on Legacy Soldier and start sending it out to agents and publishers.  I've sent it out to a few and did get some partial requests, but in the end they all turned to rejections (those who've replied).  There are a couple other big agents I want to target, but I want one more coat of polish on the manuscript first.  Keep that idea in mind.  Just because you have sent off your manuscript doesn't mean you should just sit back and hope it's adequate.  Take some time away and then look it over again.

Second, I've started two new stories and I want to finish one - maybe just at novella length.  One is an urban sci-fi mystery story called TIA.  TIA is short for Temporal Investigations Avatar.  The technology allows the user to send their consciousness back in time to watch a crime.  The catch is that the past isn't as linear as most thought and a person must be trained to navigate to the time and place of the crime to find key pieces of evidence and identify the criminals.

The other is an alternative Earth urban fantasy were the eastern 13 states have been taken over by werewolves.  The protagonist is part of the military Border Patrol that tries to keep the werewolves from advancing.  Her team is tasked with protecting a lab that might have developed a vaccine for the werewolf condition.  The lab is attacked and her lover bit.  With a no-tolerance policy (those infected are killed) and only one vial of the vaccine surviving the attack, she has to get the vaccine to headquarters while safeguarding her lover hoping that the vaccine will also lead to a cure before his condition is discovered and he's executed.

So wish me luck, enjoy the new year and
Write On

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