Friday, January 28, 2011

Blind Driver

That's right, I just heard about a blind man demonstrating a new technology that would allow blind people to drive.  I heard about it and read the story on Atlanta Radio Station Star 94.

The car, obviously is loaded with high tech equipment like laser range finders, cameras, and more that will apparently map out the environment.  The technology "communicates information non-visually to a blind person allowing them to safely drive an automobile."  The driver wears special gloves (you can see wires/cables on the gloves) that help with steering/let the driver know how far to turn.

The system would probably need safeguards that would automatically slow or stop the vehicle in certain instances like if someone stopped abrupty or something/someone moves suddenly in front of the vehicle.  Then again, I wouldn't be surprised if that is added to cars for sighted people. 

For a direct link to the Youtube video, check this out.

Now think about this technology for science fiction writers.  Sure, in space opera or futuristic science fiction, you can discuss technologies that let the blind function like sighted people.  One of the best known is Geordi LaForge's VISOR from Star Trek:  The Next Generation.  But what about something more like science fiction in the modern world - urban science fiction?  I could see this type of technology brought up for a blind character, or even a blind protagonist.

So keep researching and

Write On.

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