Friday, January 7, 2011

Acceptable SyFy

I don't know if someone at SyFy was listening to me or not.  Probably not, but I noticed this morning that SyFy is airing Merlin Marathon.  Personally, that series hasn't exactly drawn me in.  No surprise, I'm not big on the series, but it is at least part of the genre that built up SyFy.  While the marathon will be unfortunately interrupted by WWE wrestling, immediately following that action-based sitcom will air the season premier of Merlin.

Sunday, I just found out, is TrekDay on SyFy.  If they air some of the good stuff, I'll forgive them for showing Star Trek:  Nemesis.

After I made my first post about SyFy vs. History Channel, I was contacted by an old friend who said that BBC also has some good stuff.  SyFy is apparently checking them out also - January 17, SyFy airs Being Human.  Based on a critically acclaimed BBC series, SyFy places three 20-something roommates - a ghost, vampire and werewolf - trying to keep their secrets and help each other.  Sounds a little like an urban fantasy Melrose Place (the original one).  I'm willing to give it a chance.  I love the werewolf's line in the advertisements - "We'll have full moon parties.  We'll invite the neighbors over and eat them."  Funny, but I don't know if the ghost eats.

And for the retro and Bruce Lee fans, I saw a commercial that SyFy will air a Green Hornet Marathon Tuesday, January 11.  That's right, the original Green Hornet and Kato will be back.  It will be fun to see Kato kick some @ss.

It's nice timing.  Seeing some of the greats is inspirational as I kick my own Tae Kwon Do training into a higher gear as I practice routines for my next black belt test.  I've lost about 3 pounds and I tried to make my sparring in regular class more intense.

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