Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Training Day 1

Looks like I have another New Year Goal and something new to blog about.  At my Tae Kwon Do class (can't believe the newsletter tab still has a picture from my black belt test - I'm the bald guy on the left side) last night, I went through some pre-testing drills with another black belt and some advanced red belts.  So it looks like I'm going to be testing for my second degree black belt some time in February and that means that I've got to go into training mode!

Just for fun, and to keep me accountable, I'm going to include blog entries dedicated to training for this test.  My first degree test was the most grueling thing I've ever gone through and this will be even tougher.  The toughest parts were the three sparring sessions.  Each spaced out between testing on techniques, and forms/katas.  The first was just regular sparring.  Nice warm-up. 

The next was round-robin sparring.  A group of helpers (mostly black belts) lined up and sparred me one at a time for about 30 seconds.  Every 30 seconds I'd face a fresh opponent.  I ended up sparring each person twice.  Those taking their second degree test sparred their opponents three times.  Definitely lots of cardio.

The last sparring session was multiples.  I faced off against two black belts whose combined age was probably still less than mine (a 3rd and a 4th degree).  Next time, I'll have to face three.

Other things are similar.  Everybody works techniques and forms starting with white belt and working their way up.  All black belts have to know the weapons forms.  The simple one is with an escrima stick, but the more complicated (my favorite) is the bo form. 

I need to take some time to polish my forms, and weapon techniques, but the most important thing to do is work on my cardio.  This morning, I spent about 25 minutes warming up with a medicine ball workout and then going to the clubhouse gym for about 40 minutes on an elliptical.  Since I'm working from home, I might practice some forms at lunch.

If you think it's out of place to talk about training for a martial arts test on a writer blog, don't worry.  This is one of those things that I like to think goes to credible writing.  Hopefully, if people see that on my book bio sections, they'll appreciate my fighting scenes that much more.  Also, I have to write an essay - test of wisdom basically before the test.

So, be healthy, enjoy the new year and

Write On.

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