Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Was the Kraken Real?

The answer is - maybe.  That's right.  One of our favorite mythological monsters, and the ship crunching pet of Pirates of the Carribean's Davey Jones, may have really existed  according to an article on foxnews.com. 

While direct evidence of this creature hasn't been found, there has been some evidence of its existence based on markings on the bones of ichytosaurs - 45-foot long water dinosaurs that might have been prey for the possible monsters during the Triassic period.  The key evidence seems to be in bones found in one location that most likely didn't die at the same time - indicating this could have been the kraken's lair.    If such creatures weren't soft bodies there might have been more fossilized evidence, but unfortunately all we have is theories and a possible location of the Kraken's dining room.  Following discoveries like this can give some credibility to stories with related monsters or themes.  I mean a REAL monster that snacked on 45-foot long dinosaurs makes for cool stories.

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