Saturday, October 1, 2011

Editor Picked My Submission Pointing Out The Good and The Need Work

It seems like it's been so long since I updated my blog that some might think I'm dead.  I'm not and here's some proof.  I know that I've mentioned the online critique group Critters a few times.  Well, I'm also using another online group - the online writing workshop for science fiction, fantasy and horror (OWW/SFF).  One big difference this group has from critters is you pay for OWW/SFF, but they have professional editors on staff who review and publish comments on submissions each month.

I was thrilled around mid-September when I learned that my current submission to the OWW/SFF web site, Legacy Soldier Ch 11, was picked as the editors' choice for science fiction and a review was written up in the OWW/SFF newletter (link below). It is a critical review pointing out several areas where the chapter could be enhanced. I couldn't really argue with the comments even though I think some implied questions would be answered if the person had read from Ch 1 - Ch 11. Not saying I dissagree. What I like is that the editor (a professional editor) gave some specific examples where the chapter could be firmed up and made some overall positive remarks like:
"These opportunities weren't quite fulfilled in this chapter, but the attempt is still competent, the bare bones of it there, and the idea of drafted kids with telepathic abilities, while not new, is still plum to explore. The personalities of the characters are diverse enough to provide great potential for natural conflict, and there are a few great turns of phrase that enhance this (like "telepathic friendly fire")."
And the ending:
"Overall the punctuation needs work and the chapter ended in an odd place, but the set up as a whole -- the plot and the characters -- all have potential; the foundation has been laid. The conflict is inherent and interesting, and that is the main requirement to drive any story forward."

Overall, I'm happy with the review.  It shows me that I'm on the right track and that my story mostly needs clean-up work.  Now I just hope I can get the time to do that!


  1. Wow, congrats on being chosen and on the solid review! I've always respected the OWW/SFF process; they've helped a lot of writers get published.

  2. I'm a long way from that, but the trend of feedback I've received is that I have a promising story. That's half the battle.