Friday, September 6, 2013

RIP A.C. Crispin

It is a sad day for the science fiction community.  Author Ann Crispin (A.C. Crispin) passed away this morning.

Star Trek fans probably know her best for books like Sarek and Yesterday's Child.  She wrote many Star Wars books including the Han Solo Trilogy.  Her last novel is a prologue/prequel to Pirates of the Carribean titled:  Pirates of the Carribean:  The Price of Freedom.

Star Trek and other fans can read her farewell at:

Ms. Crispin taught at many writer workshops.  In fact, I participated in one at Atlanta's Dragon Con in 2007.  I'll never forget her personal critique of one my submission and a question she asked about one character in particular.  "Does she pee?" 

No, I'm not joking.

Ironically, this year was the first year I have been able to participate in Dragon Con since then.

RIP Ann and thank you.

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