Saturday, May 5, 2012


Last night I attended the openning night of Avengers.  Unlike some, I wasn't jumping up and down about how absolutely fantastic, perfect, and awesome it was.  Keep in mind that if you listen to too many of those comments, you could hype it up too much.  That said, I really just have good things to comment on with the movie.

Warning, I may post some minor spoilers, but I'll try not to give too much away.  The one that I will give right now is that some rumors are true.  There are TWO (2...1+1...doubles...) end credit scenes.  The first after the first part of the credits showing XXXXXX (personally censored), the probable villain for an Avengers 2.  Now some comic collecting ultra-fans of mine commented that they see no way to integrate this villain into a sequel.  To that I say, it's based on comic books (sci-fi/fantasy stuff).  Nothing is impossible.

For writers, here are some of the things that worked.  First, the Avengers were a diverse group of characters who form a team.  I've commented on this in the past.  It's a great formula for books, TV, and movies.  Why?  Because one hero may not always appeal to everybody.  So what do you do?  Bring in different personalities.  Even the less-than-super characters like Agent Phil Coulson have an important place. 

What else worked?  A great mix of action, interaction, and humor.  Tony Stark delivered great action and comic relief (as you would expect).  But the best jokes were the ones you didn't see coming (hint - the second end credit scene was purely for fun.  It had no teaser, but it was worth waiting a couple extra minutes).  Black widow showed some vulnerability (real or not - you decide).  You also really see how clever she is.  She uses some femininity and sexyness, but not quite in the traditional way.  Definitely not just another pretty face. 

I had a mixed opinion of Captain America.  In some ways, I think most people were expecting Tony Stark's overwhelming presence to lead the team, but I was a little surprised when he basically asks Captain America for the battle plan when they get ready to face the enemy.

If I was going to point out one thing I think could have been better.  The circumstances around the second transformation for the Hulk for the last battle.

Speaking of the big green.  Tony Stark had the funniest lines, but some of Hulk's actions really got the best laughs.  Particularly with Loki (nuff said on that).

Summary - lots of fun and it will be very difficult for a sequel to be better.  I hope they realize that just adding bigger explosions won't make a better movies.  We know the actors and director can rise to the occasion.  Let's hope for a good script. 

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  1. I saw Iron Man's ceding of power over to Cap for the battle plan as more of a recognition that he's the only one among them who has actual battle experience. Yeah, Iron Man is a self-described genius, but he also knows Captain America may actually have the experience to know how, when, and where to apply their limited (albeit super) resources.

    I also wrote an article on my blog about The Avengers from a SF writer's perspective. I'd love to have your thoughts on it over at

    BTW, I found you on Absolute Write and will definitely be following you on my RSS feed. Looking forward to reading more writing topics from you!