Friday, April 22, 2011

It Was Inevitable But Came Quicker Than Expected

E-Books have outsold hardcover and paperbacks in every reading category in the US.  The sales were over 200% higher than just one year ago. 

Is this a fluke?  Doubt it.  It's been discussed for a while but many that I've spoken to thought it wouldn't happen for a few years.  However, keep in mind that e-readers ranked among the top gifts for last Christmas and e-book sales have been on the rise..

Not something big publishers are too fond of.  Especially now that small publishers and self-publishers are taking the fight to the big dogs regarding prices.  This leads to smaller margins.  To make things worse, I'm hearing more and more about e-book libraries coming.  Why is that worse?  Libraries are more likely to buy extra copies of the same book, not just for demand but, let's face it, people are harder on things they don't own.  Library books are more likely to get damaged and need replacing.  That wouldn't be an issue with e-books.  Best part for library patrons is, unless the library can only share a limited number, no waiting list.


  1. I do see more and more people with their e-readers, but I also know many who will never buy one (like myself). It's not surprising, but I don't necessarily see it as a bad thing. At least, the optimist in me who still wants to be published for real in paperback and hardback is hoping.

  2. Hi Rob,

    This is actually the reason (alright, one of the many reasons) I decided to self-publish my first novel. And, as much as I am in favor of ‘books’ over ‘devices’ there is a entire generation that sees (or will see, as when it comes to my six year old daughter’s gen) books somewhat the in way I see telegraph poles.

    btw Rob, we seem to share some of the same interests:
    1. Ricardo WAS Khan; still one of the best antagonists in scifi film, right up there with Roy Batty.
    2. Martial arts is the reason I’m walking. Years back I was run over by a bus and the doctors said I’d better get used to a chair. My training and conditioning rushed me through the healing process and proved them wrong.
    3. My debut is a military espionage thriller set in the Far East - with an excellent (as in you love to hate him) bad guy and a few scenes where martial arts play a big role. I think you’d like it. And of course I’d love you to tell your friends (and relations, and strangers on the street) if you liked it. There’s always the free sample…. ;p

    Anyway, thanks for reading,