Sunday, October 24, 2010

Work, trips, writing, and critiquing

Going through lots of changes at work and, for the first time in about a year, I'm going out on a business trip.  Personally, I'd rather stay at home.  However, as I tell people, first priority is to pay the bills and the paycheck writers say off to Lexington for the week.

The one advantage is that I should have almost every evening free to work on my writing and editing.  I was also recently contacted by someone else writing a story of a similar length and genre, so we are discussing an exchange of manuscripts for critiquing.  It never hurts to get another person to review your story. 

Most critiquing groups send one chapter at a time, so it can take over a year to complete a novel.  But, is we can agree to send entire manuscripts we could not only complete them quicker, but better.  Why better?  When you read one chapter every 2 weeks or every month, you tend to forget what happened earlier.  Exchanges of this nature could lead to more consistent critiques and better critiques of the story as a whole.

Check back soon.  I'll be posting some "deleted" sections of the story.  Comments and questions will be welcome.

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